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Welcome to SHEEP SEO - We do not offer Cheap SEO but Sheep SEO

We have all had it, spend a little on some SEO company that have done some link building and then really done nothing, maybe changed some header tags and some filenames and then a little bit of SEO.

The normal SEO scams include charging for paid links, and then submitting you only to a few of their own directories and not really building real links.

This site is an elaborate attempt to get back at some of the not so great con artists in the SEO world trying to get you number 1 on google, or yahoo, by using "link building"

Our experience shows that being affiliated with indian fertility clinics, thisdirectorylistingisfreeifyoupayforit.con and other similar sites, don't improve anything and especially not your page rank or your Search engine ranking.

Sheep SEO - For those who dare get their links here

Sheep SEO for SEO bums and other SEO Con artists

Please email webmaster(at) to tell us about companies that you anomiously want to shame.

This site is made wiht no effort or attepmt to be listed on any fertility clinics, or viagra government sites, it's made to take the piss out of cheap seo.


The Sheep Seo Team

by the way SEO means SHEEP EXECUTIVE OFFICER - according to some cheap seo companies..



Because SEO isn't rocket science, there will be so many SEO cons out there so here is the top three rules how to avoid being conned in SEO

SEO CON number # 1 "We will get your site number 1 on google" - if they say that then walk away, get number 1 on what and where and what keyword, we are number 1 on Sheep Seo, and how to pronounce SEO, that doesn't give us any traffic or any fun.

SEO CON #2 Link building, links matters yes, but not all links matters.

SEO CON #3 Keyword stuffing, yes lets stuff the site with one word 3000 times in white on a white background, come on we did that in 1993 to get high on altavista, thats if you are aware of altavista. (one of the first search enginesin the world, much loved but didn't stand the test of time and google became number one very quickly and left everyone else in the dust.)

SEO Con #4 Calling it Cheap, seo isn't cheap, seo is hard work, intelligent work, it requires constant change, creative and analytical skills, and the ability to work 24/7 and to always be updated, but not to be on the leading edge with all sites at the same time. It's not about building links keywords stuffing, auto generation of pages and spamming directories and paying to be on useless directories.

SEO is about building fun, customer friendly sites that have relevant useful content and converts well on to the user.

SEO is fun and we at sheep seo take it very serious and wish you all the best in learning and doign seo.

Love the Sheep SEO team

ps. the images were drawn by a blind kid aged 8 and we think they look like sheep!